Trowel Plastics offers textured coatings and other fine finishes for home, office and industrial use.

Roof Products - Trowel Plastics Roofing Compound is a protective, water-based roof re-coating paint formulated to immediately resolve leaking roofs.

Interior Walls - Trowel Plastics has a variety of textured applications from smooth to course to protect and enhance your home or business. Ask about our premium Extra Fine finish for an ultra smooth yet delicately textured appearance.

Exterior Walls - All of the traditional Trowel Plastic grades which you know and love are available in a stunning new selection of resilient colours formulated to thrive in our tropical environment- their fade resistant properties and economical cost make textured colour a beautiful and sensible choice for your property. You can now apply Trowel Plastic colour with confidence knowing that these specially formulated, resilient colours will age gracefully and will be easier to maintain.

Maintenance Products - Our Brushing Solution paint product is formulated to restore and rejuvenate your flat or textured walls instantly.

Floors - Trowel Plastic Floor Paint in a variety of popular shades is a hardy water-based acrylic latex emulsion with a satin finish.


Trowel Plastic Brushing Solution was originally conceived and manufactured as a restorative product for textured surfaces. Over the years, due to consumer demand, the formulation has been redeveloped to provide maintenance to flat surfaces as well as textured and in fact, the paint quality has become so renowned that Trowel Plastic Brushing Solution is increasingly sought after as a preferred emulsion for raw walls.


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