Trowel Plastic is available in a range of one-coat textured applications including Smoothflex, 1.0mm, 1.5mm and 3.0mm. Trowel Plastic in Extra Fine is also available but this is a more refined two-coat application.

All of the grades offer beautiful yet hardy protection for interior and exterior wall surfaces. The formulations are tough and lasting and are available in a stunning selection of colours. The new Colours of Paradise selection have been formulated especially for exterior resilience with our demanding tropical environment in mind. the benefits you'll enjoy include longer lasting beauty and long term savings due to lower maintenance.

Many of the colours are your old favourites from our “legacy” palette and some are bold and new. Visit our showroom or select retailers to view the colours on display.

Another special finish on offer to complement and contrast with our traditional wall coatings is our Decorative Stone product. Decorative Stone is available in three styles all of which add charm and character to large, small residential or commercial properties.  Browse our site to see images of properties with this beautiful rustic stone application and contact our customer care department for more information.

More information on our products are available on their respective product pages:

the benefits you'll enjoy include longer lasting beauty and long term savings due to lower maintenance

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