Brushing SolutionBrushing Sol 5Gal smis a reformulated premium emulsion product developed for first-time application on raw
substrates as well as for restoring previously coated flat or textured surfaces.
· Environmentally friendly ingredients
· Lead and mercury free
· Contains properties to significantly reduce fungus and algae
· Quick drying, use water to clean up
· Ideal for flat and textured surfaces

Applicable Surfaces:
Wood, sheet rock, medium density fibre board, particle board, cement plaster & concrete
surfaces previously decorated with Trowel Plastic, Roll On, Acrylic, Vinyl & Alkyd Paints.

Flat surface:
250 - 300 sq ft per gal. or 23 -28 sq meters per gal.
Textured surface:
200 - 250 sq ft per gal. or 19 - 23 sq meters per gal.

Dry time:
Touch Dry:
30 min

TwoHaggatHall sm

4 hours between coats

Over 800 colours available!


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