Multi-Surface PrimerPrimer 5gal sm
is a water-based acrylic latex emulsion for priming a variety of surfaces. Use Trowel Plastics® Multi-Surface Primer when changing from darker/brighter colours of Brushing
Solution, to lighter/softer colours.
· Good hiding power and excellent spreading rate
· Can be used as a low-cost base coat
· Ideal for flat and textured surfaces
· Quick drying
· Contains properties to significantly reduce fungus and algae

Applicable Surfaces:
New or aged interior and exterior concrete walls, dry wall, cement board, particle board and plywood substrates.

Flat surface:
300 - 400 sq ft per gal. or 28 - 37 sq meters per gal. depending on the porosity & texture of the surface.

Dry time:
Touch Dry: 30 min

Coats: One

Colour: White


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