The renowned Trowel PlasticsĀ® brand boasts a range of high quality textured, decorative and protective coatings. The collection of pioneering products is the result of 45 years of extensive research and development.

Trowel PlasticsĀ® textured coatings are elastomeric, acrylic coatings which contain environmentally compliant constituents with excellent adhesive properties. A key ingredient is calcium carbonate aggregate, obtained directly from the natural limestone of Barbados. These coatings can be applied to traditional and non-traditional substrates ranging from sheet rock, medium density fibreboard (MDF) wood, particle board, glass, suitably primed metal, cement plaster and concrete surfaces.

Trowel Plastic can also effectively be used on prefabricated buildings, plywood and any substrate where the application required is of a more delicate nature.

Achieving Character and Depth With Texture

Trowel Plastic is easily applied directly to brick or block walls. The best results are obtained when joints are well flushed and the face of the wall is even and true. When applying directly to block walls, it is recommended that the type of block used has a smooth and closed textured surface.

A single application of Trowel Plastic provides a decorative finish suitable for internal and external use. Typically all grades of Trowel Plastic applied to any interior or exterior surface will provide an attractive textured appearance adding depth and character to enhance both naked and previously treated surfaces. Trowel Plastic allows the architect or designer complete freedom of choice in their selection of both grades and styles of texture and colour. Moreover, with a primed background, one may apply a dual coat of Trowel Plastic Extra Fine to achieve a velvety smooth, ultra-fine grain finish.

Trowel Plastic coatings are flexible, yet protective. They have a better resistance to knocks and abrasions than most traditional wall finishes and their weather protective nature allow surfaces to breathe. These features ensure that Trowel Plastic textured coatings have long life, being in excellent condition up to 40 years after application. Normally, Trowel Plastic will remain clean; dirt and stains normally rinse off easily with water.

Trowel Plastic coatings are manufactured at our own ISO certified plant in Barbados. Modern equipment specified to high standards and controlled conditions ensure accurate reproduction and consistent quality. The coat-ings are available in a standard range of colours, but other colours can be specially manufactured on request. Trowel Plastic colours are based on pigments which are renowned for their durability and non-fading properties.

Trowel Plastic is delivered to site, ready mixed and pre-coloured, in convenient 65 lb 20 l containers. There is no on site mixing and wastage resulting in time and cost savings. Your Trowel Plastic service men can apply the pre-coloured and pre-mixed coating quickly and efficiently, with minimum wastage, using either a trowel, roller or spray gun.

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