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Whether you want to give your home a new look, complete a routine touch up or increase the value of your home,
Trowel Plastics® has the solution for you!

Our knowledgeable and dedicated team will assist you in finding the best combination of products to produce a stunning finish from roof to floor.

Trowel Plastics® Brushing Solution and Multi-Surface Primer work together to give you the versatility you need to enhance your home. Our Brushing Solution is a high quality product that can be used on its own or with texture to create the finish you want. It can be used on a variety of surfaces and with our in-house tinting system, create the colours that best suit your needs! Our new and improved Multi-Surface Primer gives you the confidence to switch colours easily and as often as you like!

Tip1 | Power Washing

Pressure wash your home to keep the sea salt-off. If you already have mildew try using a cleaning product such as Concrete Masonry Cleaner to restore property surface or the All-Wood cleaner for wood.

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View a video on preparing your surface here.

Tip2 | Brushing Solution

If it has been more than 3 years since your property’s exterior has been painted. It’s time to get your paint on.

Trowel Plastics offers the paint product, Brushing Solution, a premium, low sheen decorative and protective paint designed not only for textured surfaces but for FLAT surfaces including wood, sheetrock and concrete. Brushing Solution is formulated from environmentally friendly ingredients and is lead and mercury free. Brushing Solution does not streak, splatter or smell.

The Trowel Plastics® Range

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