Roof Finishes

Trowel Plastics Roofing Compound is a protective, water-based roof re-coating paint formulated to immediately resolve leaking roofs.

A protective water based finish. Roofing Compound is a protective water-based roof re-coating paint, which provides an instant solution for leaking roofs and is non-bitumastic. It dries to form a seamless and elastic waterproof coating, which is unaffected by weather or heavy atmospheric pollutions and can be used on almost every roofing surface.

Adds protection from leaks. Adding a coating to your roof provides an extra layer which adds protection from leaks.  It is environmentally safe due to its ability to prevent your roof from mould and mildew damage, adding life to it.  This translates to savings in your bank!

Applicable Surfaces: 
Asphalt shingles and aged corrugated galvanised metal.

Brown, Green, Red, White

The Trowel Plastics® brand of products are adourn walls of residential and commercial properties with all grades of textured coatings over the years. The growth of the organization and the renowned Trowel Plastic quality is unmatched in the industry.